Robin A. Rothman

I'm a Brooklyn-based editor and writer of more than 15 years with a specialty in entertainment. I've been a lammy-slinging music journalist, an ink-stained newspaper entertainment editor, a remote-wielding TV beat reporter/critic, and a margin-marking book reviewer. My byline has appeared in such places as the Village Voice, Time Out New York, AOL, MTV, Rolling Stone and

I've directed editorial for total website overhauls and from-scratch launches. When it comes to marketing, I've acted as the primary voice for a virtual world boasting 25 million users, launched and maintained blogs and social media pages, and written, edited and delivered emails and newsletters. I've even dipped my toe in on the PR side, writing band bios and press releases.

Personally, I'm an ever-curious pop culture junkie and unapologetic grammar fascist suffering from spastic epiphanies and creative outbursts. I am prone to indulge in voracious reading binges, instigate puddle-jumping battles, embark on spontaneous adventures, impulsively start new craft and cooking projects and partake in rapt people watching.

I am morally opposed to the Oxford comma, umbrellas and clocks.